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Technical Support

We have years of experience in supporting the latest technologies, applications, and Devices.

Web Site Assistance

Are your pages not loading? Not seeing changes to your webpage?
Have you discovered a bug with the mobile version of your site? We offer quality
technical support, to handel your online issues right away.

PC and Network Support

We're are experienced technical support agents. If your having any
issues what so ever, please give us a call. We use TeamViewer
to remote in, diagnose, and fix your technical issues. We can fix any thing from blue
screens of death, network & VPN, printers, MS Office, application specific issues,
anything at all, we can fix. We offer the most competitive pricing on the market today
, at the low price of $20 per hour.

Areas Of Support

Web Hosting Browser Compatibility Connectivity VPN
Printers Scanners MS Office Mail Servers
CMS Hardware Web Apps VOIP
Sharepoint Active Directory Virtual Machines Shared Drives