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Social Networking & SEO

“Our social tools are not an improvement to modern society, they are a challenge to it.”

Social Networking Is Free Advertizing

This is another side to what's know as search engine optimization,
or SEO, it's called "social networking". Social networking works alot like SEO, and
requires no work from your programmers. The goal is to draw people into your
website using blogs like youtube, facebook, twitter, google +, and more. It's a
competetive market to get top realestate on google, but it's now a somewhat fair market.

There are currently over 54 million facebook pages in the world today.
You need to see these online profiles as new avenues for business advertizing.
according to the current facebook statistics, an average of %50 of people check
their facebook accounts on a daily basis. Thats 27 million people! This is just
one example of how powerful advertizing one social networks can be.

Search Engine Optimization

The art of search engine optimization, or SEO is a trade within
itself. Google changes its proccess for crawling websites over 500 times in a year,
so SEO is best left in the hands of professionals. Our company will do our best
to leave your website code properly to format good SEO. We will add elements
such as key searchable content, hyperlinks to popular relevent sites, title tags,
meta tags, & alt tags, but if your companies reach is beyond a local scope,
then we recommend leaving your website in the hands of SEO specialist, due to
the constant evolution of SEO practices.

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