Web Applications

What Is A Web Application?

How Can I Use Web Apps?

A web application is an application utilizing web and database technologies to accomplish tasks over a network. Web applications have the abliity of handling dynamic content driven by data. Examples of a web applications would be an online CRM, banking systems, sales order scheduling and E-Commerce.

Any legitimit online business you see today, is likely reaping the benifits of online web applications. Here are a few examples of their uses.

  • Ordering products and services
  • Online e-mail delivery
  • Web based search engines
  • Tracking product sales, and customer data
  • Perform complex calculations - estimater
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Employee portals

How Can This Generate Revenue?

There are countless ways you can use web applications to help generate revenue and grow your business. Having an application that pulls data from your customer database and sends out weekly news letters is one way of maintaining your already exsisting customers. It's been practices to purchase potential customer data from online market places, these are the customers in the market for your services. When someone orders a product from your website, they like the comfort of know that they package has been sent, is being handeled with care, and when it can be expected. That is one of the situations where an online tracking system becomes relavant.

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